Reliable Pilot Car Service

Hike – Safety

Safety doesn’t happen by chance. Hike operates public service vehicles and as such. It must constantly demonstrate ‘street-smarts” on addressing and correcting hazardous situations.

Safety, which is under the direct over-sight of Doug Lapino, is approached as a shared responsibility, necessarily involving drivers, the Safety Department, corporate administration and executives. Safety isn’t just learned in the Office, it is lived - wherever and whenever we perform our work, which us why training is done on “in-truck” on drive-arounds”, and through non-intrusive, on-the-job observation and inspection on a random, unannounced basis.

Hike’s comprehensive Safety Program has been drafted to address not-only areas of proper on the job performance and conduct, but also areas of concern as experienced in the field. As such, it is a living document subject to continuing revision and change.