Reliable Pilot Car Service


The operation of Pilot/Escort vehicles is not a hobby or just something to do after retirement. It is a profession which is best left to professionals.

Pilot/Escort vehicles are Public Safety Vehicles - they are a warning device to forewarn of a potential danger. There are regulations that dictate the routing and number pilots/escorts required depending on traffic, road and bridge condition load compositions and the truck’s dimensions. Where front pilots/escorts are required they ensure that oncoming vehicles are warned of the oversized load approaching .and may have to stop the public due to the prevailing conditions and hazards of the road. Rear Pilots/Escorts may block traffic off while the truck and trailer make their turn, or make sudden lane changes.


Hike is a professional pilot vehicle/escort operator, which was started in 1999 by Ken Clarke and Heather Frazer under the auspices of 877903 Alberta Ltd., O/A Hike Pilot Car Service (“Hike”). Hike was purchased in 2013 by TGS Strategic Services Ltd., a holding company of E.L. (Ted) Shipka and Glenda F. Palmer (Shipka).While Hike provides service assistance to an (ownership) affiliated organization, Wolverine Pipeline

Transport Ltd., it is an independent private company.